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Great Lengths is a hair extensions brand, they sell the hair only to professionals previously trained to apply it. Usually taking orders over the phone, they wanted to create a e-commerce platform so that salons can order in their own time and at their own pace. This would also allow them to keep track of their orders and to also check stock.


The key to designing any product is to empathize with the user and analyze their needs and actions. Here, the hairdresser does a consultation in the salon, with their client, using hair swatches. Once they determine the colour, length and quantity needed, they put an order in. This is why the website should be seen not as a shop, but as an ordering platform. When the hairdresser will go on the website they’ll check stock and/or order. That’s why it’s very important to shortcut the clicks and pages to load as much as possible.

On the homepage there are two main buttons: “search and check stock” and “order hair”. The search will instantly show the stock, so that during a consultation, the stylist can inform their client of the availability of the hair in seconds. “Order hair” leads to a unique form to put an order in. This is to avoid the standard steps of clicking and loading pages for category > product > color etc. These steps are nonetheless available and the stylist can browse the website as they would do on any e-commerce website.

Regarding the UI, my goal was to offer a simple look optimized for mobile use. The idea is to make it an habit for them to check stock and order on their phone, that’s why I’m using big round buttons, no dropdown, but a dynamic display, to mimic mobile app functionalities. It should be as comfortable to use as possible, especially for users that could be in the rush, standing up with another tool in their hand, with another client waiting.

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