La Biosthetique Education

Yearly class catalogue

Each year La Biosthetique produces a book of the education classes the company offers. These catalogues have on average 60 pages. Every time a different design is created to show the ever-changing classes and to build anticipation.

The 2020 edition goes back to a “cleaner” design, playing with metallic Pantone and soft but colorful gradient giving an effect of reflection.

For the 2019 publication I chose a design evoking arts and craft thanks to the colored paint. I titled it ‘play’ to pique people’s curiosity and suggest creativity more than education. It’s also a reminder of playing cards because this catalogue has to be flipped to see the classes of another brand, Great Lengths.

The 2017 design is very clean and sober but style artistic, highlighting the photography.

The originality of the 2016 edition was in printing, with a large square format.