Sandy Point

Visual Identity

From the logo, to the packaging and the interior decor, I thought and designed Sandy Point’s full identity. This restaurant being a fast-good focusing on health and fitness I wanted the identity to be clean (healthy), simple (fast-food) and have a fresh feel to it.


I’ve designed the restaurant layout, the furniture and the interior without previous knowledge or experience. The choice of interior decor needed to evoke premium products while keeping a fast-food look. Fine wood allied to a unique metal work in furniture as well as padded chairs and stools reflects high standards. Big light grey tiles, white walls and a blue feature wall bring freshness to the overall look. Limiting the decorations keeps the result very fast-food like.

Online presence

The brand identity is also found online and it’s important to polish its digital presence. After setting up the various social media accounts I’ve cared especially for the launch of the google business page as well as for the Instagram feed to establish the direction to take on it: mixing food and fitness tips, all revolving around the well-being topic.


While working on the restaurant’s identity, app and website, I designed series of icons, all with the same style of stroke. The heart is found with the meals and drinks icons, the idea was to suggest well-being and products prepared with care.