Sandy Point App

UX/UI Design

Sandy Point is a fast-food restaurant in Geneva focusing on helping its customers reach well-being thanks to healthy food and coaching via an app.

The app includes online ordering with bespoke suggestions, an exercise and an food database, a calendar, nutrition tracking, a social network, private messaging, progression charts, a subscription system and more. I designed more than 130 screens on Figma.

Home, calendar
When asked to design the app for them, the only brief was an app that could suggest bespoke Sandy Point meals depending on the customer’s goal. I had two thoughts about this: customers won’t eat all their meals at Sandy Point, and knowing their goals isn’t enough to advise them properly. I came up with a calendar view that would show meal suggestions but also exercice and water intake. The user can set daily goals and mark them as done. If they haven’t eaten a Sandy Point meal, they can enter their meal ingredients to get updated nutritionnal details. The restaurant owners then came up with the idea of also entering how the user feels, hungry and tired for instance, to make the meal recommendations even more accurate.
The registration is an 8 screen process allowing the user to set-up the app and calendar. Providing their body shape, goal and habits will make the app recommendations as accurate as possible.
The meal recommendations are based on the user’s goal, their activities and their sensations (hungry, tired…). They can change a meal suggestion as they wish or simply order from the menu. The suggested calories for the next meal are displayed for them to follow if they want to. In any case, their next recommendation will be updated depending on what they decided to eat.
Sandy Point offers a subscription system: the user can decide to receive their suggested meals automatically for a period of time. I designed a one page system where they can select the days then the meals they want to get. For each meal they can select delivery or pick-up, and a time.

The subscription can be modified, suspended or deleted. They can also cancel their next scheduled meal in a click.

From the home page of the app (the calendar) the user can access their nutritional data in one click. On this one screen they can see how many calories they have consumed and burned in the day. They also have details about nutrients: lipids, glucids and proteins. For both calories and nutrients they are shown the recommended daily intake.

Like on the calendar, the date is displayed on the top-left corner and the user can swipe left to see the data from the past days.

Community and more
Through the profile icon on the calendar page, the user can access their goal, update their weight and waist size and see progression charts. They also have access to a community where they can publish their progression, ask questions and give tips. Private messaging is available and allows communication between clients and professionals like nutritionists and coaches. These professionnals are listed in the repertoire along with the restaurants and pick-up locations. Any of these can be favorited to be found easily. Via the same main bottom menu the user has access to all their orders and subscriptions.
Profile and settings
A gear icon on the profile screen leads to the account details and settings: goal, paiement types, notifications, addresses, allergies, promotional codes…